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The JTS website reflects our  success in operation. Over this period, being a leading testing and assessment organization of Pakistan, JTS has supplemented more service divisions through innovating and exploring new avenues for improving testing and assessment system throughout Pakistan. We are rigorously practicing latest technologies and learning innovative techniques to develop new testing products and services to contribute in building Pakistan as a stronger nation.

We are on a continuous growth through consistent striving for international recognition and accreditation to be a futuristic organization in testing and assessment services. We are making strong efforts to take a challenge of stretching our wings across the borders for launching our current as well as new testing and assessment products in international markets like Afghanistan, China, old Soviet States and OIC member countries, and to avail the gigantic opportunity to be recognized as Asian Leader in the Testing and Assessment industry.

JTS could not have reached the present heights without the support of HEC.

It would be pertinent to compliment the JTS Governing Board, JTS Academia including Academic Committee, Subject Committees, Test Item Contributors, Vice Chancellors of JTS Associated Universities, Heads of Associated Professional Organizations and the public and private sector for their support in continued strengthening and development of JTS.

I would also like to express my gratitude to the sincerity and dedication of all the employees who, through their unflinching faith and successive efforts, are contributing their share to the national cause. Being embodied JTS spirit, I find them proceeding for further accomplishments through their valuable contributions in the future.

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